V Of BTS Has Finally Joined Instagram Back And His First Priority Is Of Course Jimin

v and jimin

BTS may have unrestricted access to each other, but ARMY has a field day with their banter when it comes to social media. V returned to Instagram after being missing for a week and finally answered his bestie Jimin. Here’s what happened!

Are you V or Jimin? While Jimin was quick to comment on V’s message as soon as he posted it, Tae was quick to respond – even though it had been a week. We’re not sure we blame him. How many times have we forgotten to respond to our friends?

After being MIA for a week, V returned to Instagram to share some of his jaw-dropping photos from their Las Vegas gig, and of course, he didn’t forget to give his bestie Jimin some love.
If you missed the beginning of Jimin’s struggle, it began with Chim ridiculing Tae for not covering their manager’s head in his shot.

“It’s funny and entertaining that we’re doing this while we’re all together” Chim continued.

J-Hope may have laughed at the remarks, but V was nowhere to be found!

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V finally popped by today, April 26th, after a week of silence to offer his two cents to the discourse. V may be late, but his attention to Chim is admirable. He replies with a simple hehehehe and two laughing emojis.

Raise your hand if you think this is you! V may have just joined your club if you enjoy browsing through conversations much past their due date. Given how scheduled and busy the singer is, he certainly has a valid reason.

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