Suga of BTS Is Still Awestruck By PSY’s Crafty Scheme To Get Him On Board That, And He Shares Some Groovy Moments With A Side Remark

Suga And PSY

PSY and Suga’s collaboration track That That has been released, and the BTS rapper appears to be more than glad to let the world know that he was duped into doing those dancing movements. Check it out!

PSY, thank you from the bottom of our hearts! After all, it’s thanks to the veteran singer that we now have Suga dancing to That That’s pumped-up tunes. Even the BTS rapper appears to be awestruck at how he was tricked into donning his leopard-print outfit and busting out his best movements.

If you’ve been living under a rock, PSY and Suga’s collaboration track just debuted, and it’s all you’d expect from the unusual vocalist. Not to mention Suga’s contribution, it’s an incredible BOP that you won’t be able to get out of your head anytime soon.

PSY’s diabolical strategy all along was to get Suga on board, not just as a producer, but also as a featured artist and a part of his music video, as you’ve probably previously read. What’s even funnier is that Suga had teamed up with the funny artist solely to write him a song, with no idea what was going to happen next. He will never weary of reiterating this information!

Suga then went on to say, “I was going to just write the song and run away but…” after showing off his groovy moments from the music video.

suga insta
Caption: Sugay Insta Story Source: Instagram

It’s safe to assume that no one is moaning about this unexpected but desperately needed turn of events. That has generated so much interest that it has been trending nonstop since before it was even released.

Fans were ecstatic to hear the single, which features Suga headbanging alongside PSY!

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