Lizzo Spills The Beans About BTS’ ‘amazing’ Texter and Talks About Her Texting Date with J-Hope

BTS members with Lizzo

If you were looking for an update on BTS and Lizzo’s friendship, it turns out J-Hope and her have been texting. The singer revealed the rapper’s texting practices in the following video.

BTS not only astounded ARMY with their participation at Harry Styles’ performance in November 2021, but they also made a new buddy in Lizzo. Since then, the American singer has been all praise for the K-pop stars, expressing her admiration at every opportunity. In fact, she recently revealed with which member she has been getting along.

It’s J-Hope we’re talking about, in case you had any doubts. Audacy was asked about her relationship with the boys in the most recent edition of her podcast series, and she disclosed that J-Hope and her have been texting since their brief encounter.

He’s also a superb texter, as one would expect from the group’s sunshine! “J-number Hope’s was given to me, so we’ll be texting. He’s a fantastic texter; he’s expressive and doesn’t leave you on autopilot “she remarked Even through texting, you can count on Hobi to be a gentleman. Not only that, but he also apologizes if it takes him too long to respond.

“People who are wonderful. I guess that’s why I’ve always gravitated towards BTS because they remind me of myself, where there’s like self-love, like this positive energy, and the way they love their fans, like, I feel the same way, and they genuinely have like pure, positive energy, all the time “In addition, she said something for the Bangtan boys.

BTS is known for stealing hearts left, right, and center.

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