Lee Jung Hyun Gives Birth to Her First Child

Lee Jung Hyun

Lee Jung Hyun, an actress, is now a mommy!

Pine Tree Entertainment, Lee Jung Hyun’s agency, confirmed on April 23 that the singer and actress had given birth to her first child three days prior.

She and her non-celebrity spouse have had a healthy baby girl three years after they married.

The following is the complete statement from Pine Tree Entertainment:

Hello, this is actress Lee Jung Hyun’s agency Pine Tree Entertainment.

We are announcing the news that on April 20, Lee Jung gave birth to a healthy baby girl at a hospital in Seoul.

Both the mother and the child are in good health, and [Lee Jung Hyun] is currently resting with a happy heart.

Lee Jung Hyun is currently awaiting the release of her films “Decision to Leave” and “Limit” in June and the second half of this year respectively, and she plans to continue actively promoting with a new project after giving birth.

Thank you to everyone who congratulated her, and she will continue to greet you with great projects in the future as well.

We ask that you give lots of support and encouragement to Lee Jung Hyun, who has welcomed a new family member.

Thank you.

Best wishes to the happy family!

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