Jisoo of Blackpink wears a netted black dress to the Dior fashion show in Seoul, and she looks like royalty


Jisoo has once again managed to become the’main character’ at the Dior runway show, strutting in flair. Here’s what the Blackpink star wore on her wedding day.

The’main event’ has arrived! Yes, we’re referring to Jisoo and her propensity to steal the show as soon as she enters. This time, the Blackpink beauty wowed in her OOTD for the Dior Fall 2022 Women’s collection, looking nothing short of royalty.

Of course, Miss Jisoo, Dior’s charming global ambassador, had to look her best when the Fall collection debuted in Seoul. Her style was completed by a sensual red lipstick and a netted black midi dress with black shoes.

And if you thought she looked royal, just wait until you see where she sat. Of course, front and center, right next to Dior CEO Pietro Beccari! This should come as no surprise, given Jisoo’s status as a front-row favorite at fashion shows over the years.

Here are a few highlights from the event that you won’t want to miss:


Isn’t she a breath of fresh air?

Jisoo was last seen dressed up for a Dior fashion presentation during Paris Fashion Week in 2022. The Blackpink member, dressed in a checkered yellow mini dress, successfully combined the elegance of Dior with the quirkiness of K-pop fashion.

Following a big throng specifically came to greet the singer, Jisoo was once again labeled the’main event’ at the gig, drawing hordes of photographers. We certainly don’t blame them!
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