Jimin Joins V, Jungkook, RM, and J-Hope in Dropping The BTS From Their Instagram; Here’s How ARMY Is Reacting


Do you continually check your Instagram accounts to see whether Jimin has posted anything new? So, it appears that the singer will have you wait a little longer. As luck would have it, Jimin isn’t making headlines for his flawless Instagram photos this time, but for a minor detail.

Jimin had originally considered Instagram to be too difficult to use, making him one of the least active BTS members on the platform. Still, one stylish post at a time, the artist manages to ignite a big internet buzz. In fact, he made headlines this time solely for altering his Instagram handle.

Don’t worry, ARMY, his username is still valid. It was ‘Jimin of BTS,’ which he had used as his name for so long, that was dropped in favor of just ‘Jimin.’ Here’s an example of eagle-eyed followers recognizing the same thing right away:

You can imagine how much of a stir his small action has created. With this, he joins fellow members V, Jungkook, RM, and J-Hope in removing themselves from BTS quite some time ago. By the way, Suga and Jin are still going strong!

ARMY, on the other hand, has its own set of wonderful theories about the new development!

While some speculated that Jimin should release a new series of photos, others argued that he should not.

Others are looking forward to new announcement.

Some are even speculating about an ‘OST out now’ release.

After all, the last one might not be so far-fetched! Jimin’s OST for the ongoing K-drama Our Blues, titled With You, is set to be released today, April 24. Fans are anxiously anticipating his duet with bestie Sung Woon, in which the two will serenade fans with their voices.

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