Exclusive: Kwon Eunbi Talks Color Being In Touch with Iz*One, And The Narrative Behind Her Latest Album

Kwon Eunbi

Kwon Eunbi, the former leader of Iz*One, opens up about the song that means the most to her, Iz*One’s reaction to her latest venture, and the genre she’s dying to try next as she celebrates the success of her latest mini-album Color.

When it comes to all-rounders, Kwon Eunbi isn’t far behind. She has the looks, the voice, and, above all, the charm to make you stop and gaze. The stunning K-pop diva, who was previously a member of Iz*One, made her long-awaited comeback on April 4 with Color, which featured the powerful title single Glitch.

Eunbi discussed the music that is most personal to her as she celebrates the success of her latest album. Which one brings back the most memories for you? Her underwater shot, her time with the Iz*One girls, and so much more. Here’s how Eunbi explained her trip to Color, which she shared exclusively with Zoom TV digital.

Glitch had to be the best because it was her first full comeback following a successful solo debut. “The title track ‘Glitch’s message is about how even if I have my own imperfections, I’m still attractive and confident despite it,” the singer said when asked what she expected Glitch to convey to her listeners.

As inspiring as the song is, a fun tidbit to know is that Glitch isn’t even the song Eunbi is most similar to. When asked which song means the most to her, the singer simply had one answer: ‘OFF.’ She admits that she authored it herself, but what makes it unique is that it includes many of her own stories.

But hold on! There’s more! Colors sprang to mind when she was asked which song gives her the feels. “Colors, on the other hand, is a song that brings back memories for me. Listening to this song takes me back to my days as a trainee, riding the metro home after practice “Her insightful reaction was:

What’s next for the brilliant singer now that Glitch is out? Of course, there’s a band! She confessed her enthusiasm for the genre, saying, “Band is one genre I haven’t attempted yet. If there’s a chance, I’d love to participate.”

Given her extensive discography, it’s no wonder that the singer also produces some of the most visually appealing music videos available. There’s even a glitch! “My favorite sequence to shoot was when I wore the white-feathered costume and did freestyle dancing,” she said of her favorite part of the video.

Here’s a peek at her hit title track, which was the buzz of the town for a while:


In fact, for the concept shots, she went so far as to photograph underwater. That’s what we call commitment! When she was asked about it, she answered, “I’d always wanted to do an underwater shoot, so being able to do it this way was incredible. I’ve always enjoyed water, so the shoot was a lot of fun for me.”

As terrifying as an underwater shot may sound, Eunbi makes it sound like a blast!

If you’re curious about how the Iz*One girls reacted to Eunbi’s latest enterprise, rest assured that you will not be disappointed. You may breathe a sigh of relief, WIZ*ONE because the females are in contact with one another. “We’re in touch with one another. After hearing this record, the words I’ve heard from them about it are primarily about how cool they think it is “Eunbi confessed.
Congratulations on Eunbi’s excellent comeback!

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