BTS Rewind: When Bang PD Used a Small White Lie To Convince Suga To Join Bangtan

Suga and Bang PD

Did you know that Suga’s decision to join BTS was based on a simple white lie? Here’s how Bang PD, the group’s founder, used his finest strategy to convince the rapper to join.

Suga grumbled, “Ah…I thought I was just writing the song,” when asked about his latest collaboration with PSY. If their amusing encounter is any indication, it appears that the Gangnam Style hitmaker’s diabolical intention was to bring him in from the start. Suga is now imprinted on PSY’s latest return title track That That, which he produced, rapped, and even starred in.

Do you recognize yourself in this situation? It’s not just you, believe it or not. This has happened before, and the perpetrator was none other than Bang PD the last time. Yes, we’re talking about BIGHIT’s founder, who is also the reason we have these seven lads.

The then-rookie Bangtan Boys were urged to discuss what was on their minds on an old episode of Rookie King, and the result was nothing short of a laugh riot. While many K-pop stars are wary of dragging their CEO, this is Suga we’re talking about!

Suga chastised Bang PD for lying to him, claiming, “Someone told me a big lie three years ago. PD-nim, PD-nim, PD-nim, PD-” You can imagine why he might think that was a huge fat lie, given that he was brought in for rapping and promised there wouldn’t be much dancing.

Bang, PD did a great job with him! Suga, on the other hand, has proven to be quite a force to be reckoned with in recent years. While his on-stage spewing fire will always be the focus of each performance, his dance abilities are also nothing to laugh at. If you want to watch history repeat itself, check out PSY’s explanation of how Suga became such an important element of his title track:

Min Yoongi, you are absolutely adorable!

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