BTS rapper Suga reveals photos from the sets of his collab tune with PSY That That


Every day, we learn something new about the making of Suga and PSY’s collaboration song That That. And this time, the images are directly from the BTS rapper. Check it out!

That was everything we had been hoping for! If you prefer a funky, lively, and energetic BOP, PSY and Suga’s collaboration will undoubtedly find its way onto your playlists. Not to mention the context of PSY’s nefarious scheme and Suga being duped into performing huge movements for the video. The entire That That era has been a rollercoaster ride that we have thoroughly enjoyed.

Suga may never be wary of claiming that he was duped into appearing in the song video, but his social media behavior belies that claim. Don’t worry, Yoongi, we well know that you secretly adore PSY’s headbanging!

Now, the rapper has released yet another delectable surprise for his followers. Suga, in his leopard-print shirt, is going to go down in history for his suave style, as he shared a set of behind-the-scenes photos from the making of That That.

Suga takes us around the That That town in a series of photos, from getting his outfit ready to his solo images, one with PSY and one gazing into the distance as he watched PSY shake a leg to the choreo. Here are the images, in case you haven’t seen them yet:


Doesn’t he look really dapper?

This age is surely proving to be one heck of a trip, as we watch PSY and Suga unleashing stuff one after the other. How much do you enjoy grooving to That That?

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