All About Suho Workout Routine and Diet Plan


Suho Workout Routine and Diet Plan: The K-pop group Exo’s leader, Kim Jun-myeon [Suho], is also a singer, composer, model, actor, and dancer. Aside from television, he has appeared in and starred in films as well.

Examples include the TV series How Are U Bread, Rich Man, Student A, Three Color Fantasy, The Universe’s Star, One Way Trip, etc. Fans adore Suho because he is a kind-hearted leader who has demonstrated this quality often. He is a cool, affable guy with a body that can make people desire more, especially among his female fans. So, if you’re interested in learning more about the Suho diet and exercise regimen, stay reading.

Suho Workout Routine

Suho is a singer and dancer who must maintain good health and fitness in order to work in the k-poo industry for a lengthy period of time. He, though, continues to train extensively and is one of Exo’s fittest members. Now, we need to clean things out before moving on to his routine. Anything I say in this article won’t apply anymore because Suho is currently serving in the military.

Suho recently enlisted in the military and won’t be participating in any of this training; all of this was a component of the exercise Suho used to conduct. Suho is currently in the best shape possible thanks to his military training and other activities, which he must be engaging in. Let’s witness the exercises Suho performed while he was a K-pop artist prior to enlisting in the military.

Suho exercise consists of:


Suho is one of Exo’s greatest dancers because all K-pop musicians are required to learn how to dance in order to work in the industry. He and the other members of the group used to practice their weekly dance routine for hours at least three to five days a week before the group went on hiatus.

Suho benefits from dancing in that it keeps her flexible, thin, and always in good form. The workout is quite beneficial because you will burn a ton of calories while enjoying yourself. So you can go and enroll in a dance class for one to two hours a day, four days a week, to obtain a body like Suho.

If you don’t enjoy dancing, feel free to use other cardio workouts to burn the same number of calories, such as running, cycling, using a Stairmaster, or using a stationary bike. However, while exercising on cardio equipment, make sure you burn 500 calories or more.

Weight Training

Suho used to engage in weight training activities; I’m sure you’ve all already seen pictures of him working out with other Exo members online. But don’t worry, I looked at other members routinely and came up with a comparable routine that you may adopt. I was unable to discover the routine that he used to follow. Six days of exercise will be broken up into two days of the upper body, lower body, and core muscle practice.

Monday and Thursday

Sets: 3 | Reps: 8 to 10 | Rest time: 50 seconds

  • Bench press to dumbbell press
  • Dumbbell flyes to hex press
  • Cross cable flyes
  • Shoulder press
  • Dumbbell lateral raises
  • Close grip lat pulldowns to wide grip
  • Cable rows

Tuesday and Friday

Sets: 3 | Reps: 8 to 10 | Rest time: 50 seconds

  • Bicep curls
  • Tricep pushdown
  • Dips
  • Crunches to cross crunches
  • Leg raises
  • Plank twister
  • Plank hold

Wednesday and Saturday

Sets: 3 | Reps: 8 to 10 | Rest time: 50 seconds

  • Squats
  • Leg press
  • Lunges
  • Leg extension to curls
  • Calf raises
  • Thigh abduction
  • Glute thruster

The Suho exercise plan is now complete.

Suho Body Stats

Height 5 ft 9 inch
Weight 67 kg
Age 29 years
Chest 40 inch
Waist 30 inch
Biceps 14 inch

Suho Diet Plan

Suho adheres to a stringent eating regimen that keeps him trim and muscular. You may read Soompi’s explanation of Suho’s diet in this article, which is available here. Suho is described in the piece, and it is revealed that the only carb he consumes on a daily basis is a bowl of rice.

Later, Suho revealed that he prefers to consume salads and different kinds of protein and that he only occasionally drinks—no more than five times per year. He also said that he enjoys sweets and that he constantly takes a bag of cookies while he is drinking because he can’t eat chocolate and cookies while on a diet.

After reading about the factors he takes into account when dieting, let’s look at a program you may do to have a body like Suho’s.

Suho’s diet includes:


  • Egg whites
  • Wheat toast
  • Chicken bacon


  • Protein smoothie


  • Chicken or turkey
  • A bowl of rice
  • Veggies
  • Salad

Evening Snacks

  • Salad or fruits


  • Salmon
  • Veggies

That concludes the Suho diet strategy.

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