All About Soobin Workout Routine and Diet Plan


Soobin Workout Routine and Diet Plan: Soobin is a singer in the K-Pop Group Together X Together (TXT). They are quite well-known, and he in particular has served as the group’s public face in the majority of the videos.

You can follow Soobin on Instagram, where he has nearly 900,000 followers. His fans also laud his good looks and physical fitness. Therefore, continue reading if you also want the Soobin workout and diet regimen.

Soobin Workout Routine

As everyone is aware, Soobin and the entire TXT group are rapidly rising to fame. They appear to gain greater fame and connect with more listeners with each song. But he must maintain his idol persona in front of the people, so he works out to stay in shape. What exercises does Soobin perform to maintain his fitness level?

I looked for any live streams or articles they may have shared to learn more about Soobin’s interests. I came across a few articles written by Koreaboo, one of which included a live broadcast in which Soobin made some comments. He and the other team members were constantly paired with the training session on his training day.

They used to work out together and attend personal training sessions, but he doesn’t like it. He stated that he dislikes working out and tries not to move in another report by Koreaboo. In response to a fan’s query on how to look as trim as you guys, Soobin said that. He decided not to lie and claimed that he only moves when absolutely necessary.

Don’t forget that Soobin continues to train as usual for two to three hours, which includes way too much intensive choreography. That alone is a vigorous cardio workout that may burn more than a thousand calories every session, and it should be done at least five days a week.

To offer you guys a better strategy, we’ll perform that program along with a few other exercises. About five days a week, we will work out and work out our bodies, concentrating on bodyweight exercises and lots of cardio. Get ready, then:

Workouts for Soobin include:


Soobin now dances a lot throughout the cardio exercise, which helps him burn a lot of calories. You can therefore stick to the same regimen if you’d like to work out effectively. Additionally, if you want to dance, be sure to stretch for at least 10 to 15 minutes before and after the activity.

I would advise doing a lot of running or joining a gymnastics gym if you don’t like dancing but still want a body like Soobin’s. You can incorporate boxing into your training plan since some Korean celebrities do it to build a lean and ripped physique.

Bodyweight Exercises

You will concentrate on fundamental bodyweight exercises like crunches, squats, push-ups, pull-ups, pike push-ups, leg raises, planks, etc. when you are finished with cardio. That will help you tone your body and add some muscle mass while maintaining your slender physique like Soobin.

The Soobin exercise program comes to an end here.

Soobin Body Stats

Height 5 ft 11 inch
Weight 67 kg
Age 20 years
Chest 41 inch
Waist 29 inch
Biceps 13½ inch

Soobin Diet Plan

In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, Soobin and the other members discussed their typical diets. Make sure you are aware, nevertheless, that he and the other members do not advocate abstaining from food and following an extreme diet.

Even if some of their followers make comments or inquire, Soobin advises them against cutting out food and experimenting with risky diets. Dieting is about making smart food choices and portion control, not abstaining. Let’s examine what they eat now:

Soobin’s diet consists of:


  • Kimchi fried rice or omelet rice or bulgogi, barbecue beef dish or jeyuk, which is also a barbecue dish but pork instead of beef, or squid
  • Soda


  • Burger
  • Soda


  • Meat-based meals, sometimes Pizza if that’s what everyone wants to have.
  • Soda

Late-night Snack

  • He usually doesn’t eat snacks, but he started eating more meals since he started losing more weight. He prefers anything that he can find.

Soobin generally doesn’t eat snacks, but when he began to lose weight, he began eating more meals. In which he favors everything he can find.

That concludes the Soobin diet strategy.

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