All About Ryujin Workout Routine and Diet Plan


Ryujin Workout Routine and Diet Plan: Rapper and singer ITZY Ryujin is best known as the lead dancer and rapper of the Kpop group ITZY. She is one of the group’s more gifted members and has a lot to keep up with.

Many of her followers like her for both her appearance and the excellent condition of her body. I’ll tell you about her training and diet plan if you share my enthusiasm for that aspect of Ryujin and aspire to look like her.

Ryujin Workout Routine

Ryujin is a fairly attractive and kind person who has given everything to her. On the other hand, she takes maintaining her fitness and leanness very seriously. She takes being physically fit extremely seriously, unlike the majority of artists.

The entire interview is included in this Koreaboo piece, which can be read here. We don’t need to be fit, according to Ryujin; they keep slender to improve their choreography and acquire matching clothes. While She and the other members maintain their physical fitness, she remarked that while idols must be beautiful, this is not the major motivation.

Everything they do is aimed at improving and enhancing their performance. Since Ryujin also performs as the principal dancer, she undoubtedly oversees shows more than anybody else. Returning to her training, I looked online for information regarding her program, but I didn’t discover much.

I believe she merely does a dance routine and works on it for hours each day. She is the lead dancer, so she has very good talents, and all that dancing practice keeps her slender and burns a lot of calories. Ryujin must spend at least two hours practicing every day, burning between 800 and 1 000 calories.

Other than that, Ryujin must perform bodyweight exercises and stretches like the other members. However, since there is no evidence to support the bodyweight workouts, I can’t say for sure.

To assist you to become in shape like Ryujin, let’s create a plan including these exercises plus a few other workouts. Five days of training and activity, lasting two to three hours each will be completed. Therefore, let’s begin the routine:

In the ITZY Ryujin diet are:

Morning Routine

As part of our morning routine, we’ll undertake a flexible and lean body-building exercise like yoga or pilates. Choose the exercise you want to do or alternate between the two for an hour each day. Many Kpop artists have modified these two exercises so that you can use them to achieve the kpop body you desire.

Evening Routine

I will suggest practicing dance for an hour throughout the evening routine to burn lots of calories. For optimal outcomes, extend the course to two hours every day if you are accustomed to dancing. Additionally, stretch before the dancing session to prevent any potential injuries.

That concludes the ITZY Ryujin exercise program.

Ryujin Body Stats

Height 5 ft 5 inch
Weight 48 kg
Age 19 years
Breast 32 inch
Waist 24 inch
Hips 34 inch

Ryujin Diet Plan

Ryujin enjoys being active, thus her diet is generally healthy and consists mostly of clean foods. The Koreaboo claims that she skips breakfast and doesn’t eat it. Her diet calls for a lot of water consumption, and veggies are her absolute favorite food. Check out the diet strategy now:

In the ITZY Ryujin diet are:


  • Glass water


  • Fried veggies with oyster sauce


  • Jellies or candies


  • Salad, but if she wants something else, she goes and has that food.

The ITZY Ryujin diet is now complete.

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