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Mark Tuan

Mark Tuan Workout Routine and Diet Plan: The music video for Mark Tuan’s new single “ism,” which was released on July 1, 2022, has thrust him back into the KPop spotlight. He is the GOT 7 member that is the oldest. One of the most well-known K-pop boy bands, GOT 7, has frequently made headlines for several reasons. Both the band’s brief split and its brief reunion, as well as the members’ solo single releases, have received extensive media coverage. Each band member exudes their unique aura and has a sizable fan base across social media platforms. The majority of these members’ fitness regimens have previously been discussed in our earlier publications.

This article will examine the lifestyle and exercise regimen of GOT7’s eldest member, MARK Tuan, and attempt to identify methods in which his fitness regimen might be modified to accommodate our hectic schedules. Compared to the other GOT 7 members, Mark Tuan has a more manly aura and a muscularly toned body. Most of his muscular build appears to be a product of his experience as a martial artist.

Mark Tuan Workout Routine

Mark Tuan has maintained a healthy lifestyle virtually his entire life. He appears to enjoy physical activity a lot. He has also worked in the modeling business, which necessitates extra care for physical health. Mark’s past as a martial artist is another interesting tidbit. The K-pop sensation and lead singer of GOT 7 has a muscular physique, which appears to be the result of his involvement in martial arts.

The Mark Tuan Exercise Program consists of:

Martial arts mixed

Many martial artists and those with a keen interest in the sport have referred to mixed martial arts as “life-changing.” Also regarded as a beneficial sport for spiritual growth is mixed martial arts. As a result, it offers more advantages than just being a wonderful exercise program. Mark Tuan has received training in “Tricking,” contemporary martial art that incorporates physical activity and martial arts. He recently shocked his followers at a performance where he displayed his tricking abilities.


Mark Tuan enjoys swimming when he has free time, which is another activity that helps him stay healthy, lean, and nimble. Swimming improves balance and posture, burns extra fat, tones up your body, provides you with upper body strength, and helps build total muscle. It’s a fantastic aerobic workout, and the development of muscles enables calorie burning even when at rest. Therefore, if at all possible, try to include swimming in your weekly stress-relieving routine. You’ll soon find that you enjoy it.


Any K POP idol’s training regimen must include it. Mark acknowledged that the exercise and music were challenging for him in an interview with Cosmopolitan. Mark is not only a fantastic dancer but also a skilled KPop superstar thanks to his dancing and general training with JYP Entertainment. But challenging things make us capable. Here’s a terrific piece of advice.

Even if your workouts appear challenging and you doubt your ability to stick with your fitness regimen, you must continue. Because perseverance and genuine happiness come from overcoming challenges. You can incorporate dancing into your weekly workout regimen. On his Instagram feed, Mark Tuan doesn’t post a lot of fitness-related content. However, we do have a list of additional activities you can take to improve your general fitness.


Mark has a powerful, well-defined upper torso. You should concentrate on upper body activities like push-ups and pull-ups if you want to have such a physique. Additionally, they develop the muscles that give you a soft, masculine shape.

The Mark Tuan Workout Routine is the main topic here.

Mark Tian’s Body Stats

Height 5 feet 9 inches
Weight 65 kgs
Age 28 years
Biceps 14 inches
Shoulders 34 inches

Mark Tuan Diet Plan

Mark is a true food enthusiast who adores delicious Asian cuisine. Although his eating habits are not always the healthiest, he attempts to tend to include nourishing foods in his diet the majority of the time.

Is Mark Tuan a vegan?

Mark Tuan is not a vegan, though.

He enjoys eating animal products and meat.

The Mark Tuan Diet Plan consists of:


As we looked through Mark Tuan’s Instagram page, we couldn’t help but notice that the backgrounds of many of his photographs included water bottles. The benefits of hydration for the skin are well documented. But staying well hydrated also aids in getting quality sleep, which is necessary for weight loss and general health. Additionally, drinking water helps the body flush out impurities and enhances the delivery of nutrients and blood flow.


Mark Tuan enjoys a multi-course breakfast with a variety of flavors. He typically has meat, pork, eggs, and Ramen for breakfast.


His lunches typically consist of carbs like pasta, sticky rice, and sinigang soup, which mostly contains pork, beef, and fish.


He eats a lavish hotpot for dinner that includes beef, veggies, fish, dumplings, and potatoes. For dinner, he enjoys rice cakes, sausages, and ramen.


Burgers, soups, and Bingsu (Korean shaved ice) are some of Mark Tuan’s favorite snacks and comfort foods. One can see that Mark eats a lot of meat, which results in a high protein diet that maintains him lean and toned. He seemed to benefit from this diet. We advise you to make dietary adjustments gradually, keep a healthy balance of carbs, proteins, and fats in your diet, and stay away from extremes.

That concludes the Mark Tuan Diet Plan.

That’s All For Mark Tuan Workout Routine and Diet Plan.

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