All About Lia Workout Routine and Diet Plan


Lia Workout Routine and Diet Plan: ITZY The lead dancer and singer for the K-pop group ITZY is Lia. She is well known and has achieved a great reputation due to her talent and beauty.

She is undoubtedly one of the group’s excellent singers, but her recognition is also a result of her stunning appearance and body. We can’t deny how stunning and attractive Lia is, so if you’re interested in the ITZY Lia fitness and diet plan, keep reading.

Lia Workout Routine

Lia is a rather healthy, fit vocalist who has maintained her good health ever since we first saw her following her debut. We all know how much Kpop fans enjoy seeing their artists and idols in shape, thus many factors go into maintaining that figure. So how does Lia maintain her amazing physique?

I looked up a few things to learn more about Lia, but there isn’t much information about her routine. She doesn’t seem to accomplish anything unique compared to her teammates, and the training isn’t very open. We are all aware that Kpop performers are required to participate in virtually daily dance rehearsals.

Lia stays in shape thanks to all of her dancing practice and workouts, and the ITZY dance routine is already far too demanding. Their choreography is highly intricate, and performing it for two hours or longer five to six days a week does burn a lot of calories. In addition, I’ve read that stretching is required of all ITZY members prior to the dance in order to prevent injuries.

After the dance workout, there is news on specific exercises, such as squats, crunches, planks, leg raises, etc. I’m not too certain about it, though, as it’s not from a reliable source. Nevertheless, don’t panic; I can still give you a helpful exercise plan to use.

A schedule consisting of yoga, pilates, dance, and some free-form activities will be followed by us. Due to their comparable body shapes, other ITZY members and I undoubtedly went through the same workout. In addition, many Kpop singers practice these particular exercises to maintain their fitness and believe in this training. Thus, it draws inspiration from other Kpop musicians. Let’s begin the routine right away;

Lia exercises consist of:

Morning Routine

You should include an hour of yoga or pilates in your morning regimen to help you stay lean and develop a supple and toned body. These exercises will enable you to develop that quality because Lia has it. Additionally, it keeps your mind sharp and helps you burn lots of calories while engaging in a soothing routine. Although it won’t be comfortable while you’re doing it, it will be once you’re done.

Evening Routine

Our main objective is to concentrate on the dance training throughout the nightly routine. Your lower body and core will function well if you perform this exercise five days a week. You’ll be able to shed an absurd amount of weight while developing toned abs and thighs that are both slender and fit. Make sure to grow at your own speed and take breaks as often as you’d like.

The ITZY Lia exercise program comes to an end here.

Lia Body Stats

Height 5 ft 5 inch
Weight 47 kg
Age 20 years
Breast 32 inch
Waist 24 inch
Hips 33 inch

Lia Diet Plan

I have now discovered Lia’s diet in the Koreaboo article. Lia only enjoys two meals a day, and in between those meals, she’ll eat a snack. Her meals are often quite light, but she gives Lia some additional snacks for her snack. Lia mentioned that she enjoys ordering a donut for snacks but that she limits herself to one per day. Let’s examine her diet now:

Lia’s diet consists of:


  • Fruits smoothie


  • Cherry tomato with balsamic sauce or honey
  • Glazed donut


  • Kimchi fried rice with some mozzarella cheese

The ITZY Lia Choi Ji-su diet plan is now complete.

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