All About Kang Taehyun Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Kang Taehyun

Kang Taehyun Workout Routine and Diet Plan: Popular South Korean singer and composer Taehyun, also known as Kang Tae Hyun, was born on February 5th, 2002. On January 17th, 2019, the Korean boy group Tomorrow X Together, often known as TXT, under the management of Big Hit Music, welcomed Taehyun as its fourth member.

His first official video was a trailer for the film “What Do You Do?,” which asks provocative questions. He made his acting debut in this movie, and all of the teaser images were uploaded to various social media accounts. So let’s take a closer look at the appealing and well-known K-singer Kang Taehyun’s exercise routine and diet strategy.

Kang Taehyun Workout Routine

Taehyun, the band’s most well-known member, is adorable and has a fantastic body. People all throughout the world hold a special place in their hearts for his exceptional talents. On his Instagram account alone, Kang Taehyun has a massive 1 million-strong follower base. We then reasoned, “Why not briefly reveal the most well-known vocalist Kang Taehyun’s fitness routine?”

Taehyun has an impressive sense of self. During his physical training sessions, he used to work up a good sweat in order to preserve his lean and toned body figure. The fitness regimen of Kang Taehyun consists of a variety of exercises, including strength training, core stability work, and cardiovascular exercise. To keep his body toned, muscular, and thin, Taehyun used to commit 45 to 60 minutes five days a week.

Here is the Kang Taehyun training regimen, which has been carefully chosen by Korean fitness professionals, for all those who appreciate Taehyun’s outstanding physique and look to him for fitness advice. Let’s look at it now.

Training in Strength

For greater results from the exercises, one should warm up or stretch properly for 10 to 15 minutes prior to beginning the physical training session.

Reps. Count –5 to 12  | No.of sets – 3 to 4 | Rest interval -60 seconds or 1 minute

The Kang Taehyun Workout Program consists of:


Upper body workouts 

  • V-up curls
  • Shoulder presses
  • Underhand row
  • Ball rollout
  • Lateral lunge
  • Glute bridges
  • Two-way bicep curl
  • Alternating rear flyes
  • Upward push-ups
  • Tailbone angle


Lower body workouts 

  • Reverse lunge
  • Sumo squats with frog hop
  • Hip thrusters to bicycle crunches
  • KB swing
  • Dumbbell raises
  • Single leg deadlift
  • Cheerleader arm circle
  • Inverted row
  • Hip thruster ham walk
  • Quad stretch

Cardio Training  


High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) 

No.of reps – 15 to 20 | Rest duration – 30 seconds 

  • Reverse crunch and leg lifts
  • Push up jacks
  • Lunge jumps with knee-ups
  • Forward-reverse lunge and squats
  • Back extensions Y-raise
  • Narrow push-ups
  • Triceps dips to alternating leg kicks


Low-Intensity steady state training (LISS) 

No.of reps – 10 to 12 | Duration – 40 seconds 

  • Quiet jack
  • Side crunches
  • Deadlift with overhead reach
  • Scapula pinches
  • Reverse lunge knee drive
  • Right 3-way taps
  • Curtsy lunge row


Cardio Training 

  • Mountain Climbers
  • Arm crossover
  • Front squat plus push
  • One-arm dumbbell snatch
  • Shuffle jump tucks
  • Jumping Jack
  • Cherry pickers
  • Pivot punch
  • Kneeling thruster
  • Static stretch

That is all we are aware of regarding the popular TXT guy Kang Taehyun’s exercise regimen. He has created and maintained a well-toned and lanky body image by adhering to the aforementioned exercise routine. Therefore, for all of you who are into fitness and his followers, if you want to have a fit and healthy physique, consider incorporating some of these fantastic workouts into your daily routine.

The fitness regimen of Kang Taehyun is the focus of this.

Kang Taehyun Body Stats 

Body stats  Units 
Height 5 ft. 10 inches or 177 cm
Weight 65 Kg
Age 20 years
Chest 44 inches
Waist 32 inches
Biceps 17 inches

Kang Taehyun Diet plan

The Kang Taehyun diet is filled with traditional Korean foods and beverages. His diet is balanced throughout, with the right proportions of protein, fiber, and minerals. He used to reduce his calorie intake, dairy product consumption, and other eating habits to keep trim and in shape. Kang Taehyun drinks a lot of liquids during the day to stay hydrated and inebriated. He keeps up his attractive body image by eating a diet that is appropriately balanced in terms of energy.

To precisely determine what Kang Taehyun eats each day, let’s look at his diet plan in detail.

Is Kang Taehyun Vegan?

Kang Tae Hyun isn’t a vegan, either.

The Kang Taehyun Diet Plan consists of:


  • Korean braised tofu (Dubu Jorim)
  • Caramel Frappuccino
  • Kimchi egg skillet with oyster mushrooms


  • Soybean paste stew
  • Egg fried rice (Gyeran Bokkeumbap)


  • Honey butter chips
  • Tteokbokki
  • Sorghum pancakes (susu bukkumi)
  • Fresh fruits juices


  • Korean walnut rice porridge
  • Grilled tuna
  • A bowl of mixed green salads

This concludes our information on the food regimen of well-known Korean singer-songwriter Kang Taehyun. He used to exclusively eat healthy, fiber foods that are balanced to give the body all the nutrients it needs. Therefore, if you want to live a healthy lifestyle, start eating wholesome meals and stay away from junk food and beverages.

The Kang Taehyun Diet Plan is the main topic here.

That’s All For Kang Taehyun Workout Routine and Diet Plan.

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