All About Chaeryeong Workout Routine and Diet Plan


Chaeryeong Workout Routine and Diet Plan: In the K-pop group ITZY, Chaeryeong performs as a dancer, vocalist, and rapper. She is well-known for her singing and rapping abilities. She is the group’s principal dancer, and some say she is a better dancer than many other K-pop stars.

Chaeryeong is well-known for her attractiveness and has an extremely lean physique. Many of you have probably already tried to look up Chaeryeong’s schedule and activities. So continue reading if you also want her exercise routine and food regimen.

Chaeryeong Workout Routine

Since we first saw Chaeryeong after her debut, she has been a remarkable person and vocalist who has always seemed trim and toned. She needs to be in shape for the Kpop industry since the stars are required to maintain a slim physique, which is one of the key reasons. Let’s now discuss Chaeryeong’s exercise routine.

Although I looked into Chaeryeong’s fitness regimen, I wasn’t able to find a lot to share with you about it. I’d say that Chaeryeong primarily engages in bodyweight exercises and dance-related activities. Everyone is aware that dancing is crucial to the Kpop industry and that it takes a lot of practice to master all the steps.

Particularly in ITZY, the choreography is particularly demanding, resulting in an average rehearsal time of two hours. Anyone can lose weight and burn a lot of calories with that much dancing. In addition, I’ve read that all of the ITZY members enjoy performing additional exercises, such as free body workouts.

Since there is no evidence from any reliable source, I won’t claim that Chaeryeong is responsible for it. It is feasible, though; some of the performers even engage in additional exercises like yoga, boxing, weight lifting, pilates, etc. So, yes, you can use these exercises in your efforts to achieve Chaeryeong’s physique.

Let’s adapt Chaeryeong’s routine into one that you may use to obtain a physique similar to hers now that we know it. We will perform the exercises in this regimen over the course of five days, working out for three hours each day. It won’t be simple, but the effort you put it will be worthwhile. So let’s look at the training schedule:

ITZY Chaeryeong exercise entails:

Dance Routine

Don’t skip the early dancing practice because it will be our main workout for the day. For the best results, you must practice dancing for one to two hours per day for five days. Your body will gain the flexibility it requires, and you’ll become as thin and toned as Chaeryeong.

Toning Workout

You can choose whatever path you want to go. You can exercise for an hour by doing pilates, yoga, or boxing. Alternate days are another option, which will keep your work interesting and allow you to enjoy working out.

I would advise practicing yoga and pilates two days a week and boxing one day a week if you want to have a body like Chaeryeong. While strengthening your cardiovascular system, this pattern will give you flexibility and tone your muscles.

The ITZY Chaeryeong exercise program is complete.

Chaeryeong Body Stats

Height 5 ft 5 inch
Weight 47 kg
Age 19 years
Breast 32 inch
Waist 24 inch
Hips 33 inch

Chaeryeong Diet Plan

I came saw a Koreaboo article that discussed everyone’s diets. Chaeryeong follows a healthy diet, skips breakfast, and drinks lots of water. Chaeryeong avoids salty and spicy food as well. She occasionally eats both, but only in moderation. Let’s look at the diet described now:

The ITZY Chaeryeong diet consists of:


  • Lots of water


  • Meat
  • Rice
  • Sometimes ice cream


  • Usually, a crispy salad

The ITZY Chaeryeong diet plan is now complete.

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