All About 2Ne1 CL Workout Routine and Diet Plan

2Ne1 CL

2Ne1 CL Workout Routine and Diet Plan: CL (Lee Chae-rin) is a dancer, rapper, singer, and member of the 2ne1 Kpop girl group. She also starred in the film Mile 22 and appeared on television shows.

CL is well recognized for her dancing and rapping abilities, but she also has an amazing figure. So, if you appreciate CL’s physique and want to learn the CL workout and diet regimen, keep reading.

Workout Routine for CL

CL is one of the few singers who can also rap and dance well; he’s more of an all-arounder who can do it all. She now concentrates primarily on her Instagram, social media, and modeling careers. CL was formerly considered one of the top singers in the industry, but the group has since disbanded. But, I suppose, she’s still doing solo songs.

CL got into the habit of staying in shape while working in the music industry for so long. So, how does CL stay in shape and retain her appearance? I tried to collect various articles and a post from her Instagram to find the regimen. Nothing, however, could tell me exactly what CL would do for her daily workout.

I did come upon this article from AllKpop, which highlights some of the group’s words about telling their training. It’s an old piece, so it may no longer be relevant, but it’s still something. CL admitted that they exercise, but she began by meditating to keep herself psychologically fit. That has an impact on your health.

But don’t worry, I can still provide you with some workouts that can help you achieve CL’s physique. CL used to dance frequently, and she continues to do so as part of her intense fitness routine. To break into the industry, all K-pop artists and idols must be able to dance. Their dance is so intensive that it burns over 1000 calories each day in a single day.

For the other workout, I believe Pilates would be a good way to start or end your day. Many celebrities use the Pilates method to achieve a trim and curvaceous body. It’s a well-known workout practiced by K-pop stars as well as Hollywood actresses and models. So, in this pattern, we’ll do these two workouts for five days.

The CL workout entails:


For cardio, I recommend taking a one- to two-hour dance class five days a week. This program will improve your flexibility and help you get a fantastic lean and toned body. If you don’t want to dance, an hour on the Stairmaster or other cardio equipment will suffice.


Jennie and Rosé, as well as many other K-pop stars and drama actors, do Pilates. It will assist you in maintaining flexibility, slimming your waistline, and toning every muscle in your body.

The CL workout regimen is now complete.

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CL Body Stats

Height  5 ft 4 inch
Weight 48 kg
Age 30 years
Breast 32 inch
Wasit 25 inch
Hips 33 inch

Diet Plan CL

The eating plan is likewise a mystery, although I do know that CL does not follow a strict diet and eats whatever she likes. It’s all about balance and moderation, and she eats a balanced diet. However, I will provide you with a diet that will help you achieve quick results from this activity.

The CL diet entails:


  • Oatmeal blueberries pancake


  • Fruits or cold coffee


  • Chicken
  • A small bowl of rice
  • Veggies


  • Chicken/salmon/steak
  • Veggies
  • Salad

This concludes the CL diet plan.

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