After partying together, The Weeknd expresses his admiration for Jennie’s new Coachella photos, leaving fans wondering what’s up

Blackpink's Jennie and Weekend

Coachella proved to be a wild experience for Jennie from Blackpink! Even The Weeknd has gotten on board, as he professed his love for the Blackpink star in her new desert photos. Check it out!

If you thought Jennie releasing brand-new Coachella photos would be the highlight of your day, you might want to wait a minute. The Blackpink star may have finally shared more photos from the music festival, but it’s a specific pop musician who appears to have piqued fans’ interest.

It’s none other than The Weeknd we’re talking about. Remember how the two were photographed at Coachella partying together? The Weeknd has now expressed his admiration for her new photos, sparking a flurry of suspicions about a prospective collaboration.

That would be something, wouldn’t it?

Jennie recently posted photos from her ‘Magical Weekend’ that fans had been waiting for. She was dressed in tank tops and slacks, with her ginger hair doing all the talking. Here’s a look at a couple of the star’s Coachella sightings:
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And, as luck would have it, The Weeknd appears to be a part of the’magic’ as well. He sprinkled stars for the artist under her images to cement their connection, sending fans into a frenzy. We certainly don’t blame them!


If you’re chewing your nails in anticipation of the announcement of their collaboration, you’re not alone. Here’s a glimpse at what fans have been up to since the bomb detonated:

Raise your hand if you’re eagerly anticipating a photo of the two together right now! That will undoubtedly break the internet in a flash.

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